With a Hamptons’ style kitchen renovation, we let these amazing white cabinets reign supreme.


This kitchen has a colonial detailed island bench with solid kick base and skirting boards. A butler’s pantry for the extra space and clever storage.

Red Hill

In this economical space we used high contrast black and white fittings to greatly increase the storage and functionality of the area. Equally importantly we provided a solution which enhanced the style of the whole apartment.


We kept the look bright and clean for this multi-room renovation. The kitchen had to remain open and accessible, with plenty of space for a large family to cook and eat. Separate desk / study areas and a laundry were also included, giving maximum use of the house’s many spaces and previously under-utilised areas.


The central idea of this multi-room installation was modernity. Bright contrasting colours, smooth reflective kitchen surfaces, and different colour schemes for various areas of the house.


This colonial kitchen design project was far more than just a simple renovation. The white cupboard doors contrast beautifully with the black tiles behind the cooking area. The furnishings of the dining room were elegant yet simple, keeping the whole kitchen and living area open, bright and airy.