custom renovations brisbane

Custom renovations are our specialty. Incredibly clean geometric lines, contrasting shades and a unified theme throughout the house were the key factors on this job. We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our designs and quotes for custom renovations.

  • 2 pack white gloss handle-less style kitchen
  • Jet black Caesar stone tops
  • Aluminum kicks and shadow lines

Client Tesimonial

Our renovations are now complete and I want to thank you for such a fantastic job. 

Right from the start when you came out to give us a quote, you gave us something that the other two companies who quoted, did not. That was the wealth of you experience and it showed itself in the ideas you had for the kitchen and the laundry specifically. You noted that I wanted a bookshelf for my cookbooks and yet we wanted it enclosed. You came up with the idea of having two pull out book shelves, so that I can access the books easily from where I stand in the kitchen. It is superb.

The next idea was the movable shelf for the coffee machine that is stored in the appliance cupboard. It is out of sight, but very accessible and does not mark the granite. It was an excellent idea. 

Next was the pull out drawer for the tea towels and kitchen towel, the spice drawer and the two drawers for cutlery and utensils. Always you were anxious that we had everything that we needed. You were constantly asking questions and thinking of ways to accommodate our wishes.  

Another example was the microwave. Even though I was having two ovens, I still wanted to retain the microwave. You advised against having it in the oven stack as it would make it too high to ensure easy and safe access. As a consequence it was accommodated in another cupboard and you had a specifically reinforced shelf to accommodate its weight. It all works out perfectly, thanks to you concern and insight. 

In the laundry you suggested we move the washing machine to the other end of the room, next to the outside door and put the dryer on the wall above.  That way you could make more bench space and cupboards.  It is so handy to have all that extra space.  I also love having the dryer vented through the roof.  It certainly reduces the humidity in the room. This was you idea, yet again.

The trades people you chose were also excellent.  They were ever so accommodating, gave excellent service and were very clean, ensuring their mess was either swept or vacuumed every day.  we could not have asked for more.

The quality of the custom renovations have been excellent and we have been delighted by how easy the process was.

We would have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending you and your team to anyone who wants to renovate kitchen, bathroom or laundry.

Warm regards and many thanks,

Dianne and Kim